OTL301 Post 4

Your task for post #4 is to interview a colleague who has taught in a continuous entry course. Interview them about their strategies for facilitating both social and cognitive presence in this learning environment.  Part of this conversation may include providing background information on the Community of Inquiry model and the characteristics of teaching presence.

Suggested topics of conversation might be:

  • how to promote community and connection in a continuous entry course;
  • strategies for facilitating the process of critical inquiry, especially those leading to integration and resolution;
  • how the strategies in Chapter 3 might be modified for a continuous entry course;
  • digital tools to support the process of critical inquiry in a continuous entry course;
  • questions that you have struggled with;
  • questions that your interviewee has struggled with.

Post #4 should be a summary of your interview, including:

  • the topics of discussion and/or questions asked;
  • answers, solutions, suggestions or other advice given;
  • 2-3 key lessons learned through the conversation;
  • how you might use what you have learned in your courses;
  • any other thoughts or questions that you think are relevant.

I am not in a position to be able to complete this task as I am not currently teaching and don’t know anyone who has taught a continuous entry course.  I am also leaving on holidays tomorrow and need to wrap up these course that have taken me far longer to complete than what was suggested.   Instead what I have done is research a few articles on the suggested topics we were suppose to explore with a colleague.




What I also did was look for someone else in this group who had posted something for this section and found nothing so did a larger search and found the following site http://elearning.trubox.ca/?s=OTL301+post+4 with a bunch of older posts for OTL301 Post 4 and read through some of them to hear what others were able to gain from their interviews.

I read through the following interviews and posts:

https://ronsmith2015.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/otl301-post-4/  (this one being the one I found the most insightful)







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