OTL301 Post 2

Go back to your blog and review your first post for this course, then create a new post and record your thoughts on the following questions.

  1. How has your view of the effective practice changed now that you have read more about teaching presence?

Actually, it hasn’t really changed my view, instead it validated a lot of what I was thinking about and wrote about in my first post as there were a lot of similar points made in the reading and what my experience was.  

2.  In what ways did the effective practice that you identified show the characteristics of teaching presence?

The effective practice I identified in Post 1 showed the characteristics of creating respect and trust, thus open communication and an environment that is safe for critical reflection.  I think what was left out in my post that has been pointed out in the reading for this section was the last two noted: 

  1. Sustain inquiry that moves to resolution.
  2. Ensure assessment is congruent with intended processes and outcomes.

3. How could the idea of teaching presence have made the experience even more effective than it was?

The only thing I can really think of is for teachers of adult learners to not forget that typically learners are working full-time, have families and full lives and that there is an opportunity to learn things in shorter periods of time if the information is designed and presented efficiently and effectively.  I just found that there was a great deal of reading that was required and much of it was never talked about or put into practice, therefore, likely forgotten quickly after reading it.  This will be a good reminder for me as I move forward in my teaching career. 


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